George Gourley

George Gourley

Artist George Gourley was born in June 1958, in to what could be described as quite a rural environment. He lived on the northern edge of Cookstown, Co. Tyrone.
From what I can remember I seemed to spend more time outside than in, playing in local woods or fishing.
My father worked for his Uncle who ran a country store, selling groceries and animal feed stuffs. During holidays I would spend time with my father in his lorry delivering to farms all over the eastern Sperrins
The countryside in the early 60's was very different then.
It was unspoilt by development or industrial farming methods.

The people were characters and their lifestyles much simpler than today.
I clearly remember people and places, perhaps the seeds of inspiration were sown then, riding around in the Red Bedford lorry with my father.

I began painting some 23 years ago, street scenes of local villages and towns as they once were my main topic. Sepia, a colleague was using it in a painting to "date" the subject matter. I tried it in a local town scene and fell in love with the tones and the challenges it offered. A few years ago I introduced some burnt sienna to my work; it gives a little warmth to the paintings. Over time my work evolved into character studies, farm scenes, country markets and derelict buildings.

I love and adore the forgotten buildings found in our landscape. They are part of our history and culture, but to many are considered of little value. When I look at or paint these forgotten homes I think of the generations of families who lived, laughed and died within their walls. I always keep a camera in the car and often stop, clear gates or walls to photograph such buildings.
The character and characters of the rural landscape is changing, many aspects are gone, lost! If I manage to capture something that's been lost, then I'm happy.

I have accepted a lot of private commissions and produced work for my local Council, businesses and clubs. My work has found its way to the UK, North America, Australia and even the United States Embassy in Moscow.

Showcasing some of the best watercolour artwork in Ireland, Tyrone based artist George Gourley exhibits his artwork throughout Northern Ireland, concentrating on reflecting traditional rural life in Northern Ireland and iconic country scenery.

His images are warm and nostalgic, with sepia tones carefully painted with years of critical experience and expertise.

What we see in this site is only a fraction of Georges work from his studio in County Tyrone. George is available for all types af artwork and commissions.

His artwork is unique and very sought-after throughout Ireland.