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Gallery One in Cookstown  are one of the largest bespoke framers in the country carrying out framing work for all sectors - Government, corporate and private with each framing job custom made to measure. We have carried out a diverse range of framing jobs over the years and our motto is "YOU NAME IT WE FRAME IT" 

We use only quality materials from the largest suppliers and follow the best industry standards and practice when custom making our frames. As professionals we will ensure that all our customers work is treated with skill and expertise using the best and most up to date framing equipment in our onsite workshop. This combined with over 40 years of experience using traditional and modern methods allows customers to feel reassured that they will be receiving the highest possible quality and and service. Gallery One Framing will make sure that your precious memories and valuable artwork are preserved forever by following the guidelines set out by the Fine Art Trade Guild. There are many framers out there that use inferior products and bad framing practice so get advice and knowledge from those that know how to present your work to be the best it can be. 

The Fine Art Trade Guild was formed in 1910 as the successor to the 1847 Printsellers’ Association, set up to oversee the fine art print trade. The Guild continues to set standards for prints, and our ArtSure scheme has brought those standards into the digital age. In addition, it sets standards and guidelines for picture framing, including the Five Levels of Framing and Mountboard Standards

Fine Art Trade Guild Standards

The Fine Art Trade Guild standards are developed for the guidance of the professional trade and to enable consumers to make informed choices. Guild management oversees the pooling of best practice and knowledge from throughout the industry in striving for a consensus on specifications. The standards seldom represent a unanimous position. The standards are developed through proven facts, evidence based, using accepted UK accredited test procedures and their equivalent but giving weight also to established practice and experience of products that have proven to stand the test of time.

As a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild we follow these standards and contribute to the further development of new practices to the highest levels. The Fine Art Trade Guild sets and maintains industry standards for the benefit of Members and their customers alike.